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17 Nov 2013

Aviado Partners engaged by Qantas International to conduct network and fleet planning and optimization for 2014-2016 period.

Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH, a leading international airline consulting firm, has been engaged by one of the world's largest and oldest airlines to assist with improving commercial performance in the period 2014-2016. The airline is a global carrier based in the Asia-Pacific region operating to North America, Europe, throughout Asia and to the Middle East. Through its membership in a global airline alliance, the airline offers a virtual network around the world.

In this mandate, Aviado Partners has been engaged to
- audit the performance and capabilities of the airline's network planning and management team;
- conduct a detailed evaluation of the airline's current operating network performance;
- develop market sizes and forecast market competitiveness
- optimize the route network and fleet allocation
- forecast network profitability from optimization of the network and fleet
- recommend changes to the network and fleet allocation over the short- and medium-term

Aviado Partners provided a world-class team of experts with extensive experience in commercial strategy, network strategy, network planning, scheduling, fleet selection and optimization. The team provided to the client have previously held roles within leading full service and low cost airlines including VP Network planning and revenue management, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Executive Officer, market analyst, network analyst, aircraft engineer.

About Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH

Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH is a specialist management consulting firm providing objective, independent and evidence-based analysis, advice and implementation support to airlines, airports, rail operators, hotels and other transportation related companies around the world. The firm advises management, boards, investors, governments, leasing companies and other stakeholders across all the key commercial and strategy issues. Aviado Partners' team members and associates have worked with leading international full service and low cost airlines, global consulting firms, financial institutions and manufacturers both as members of senior management as well as an airline consultant. The Partners and Associates have led or had significant involvement in numerous merger, acquisition, restructuring, start-up, aircraft selection and performance improvement assignments in Asia, the United States, Canada, South America, Russia & the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

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