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Airline Restructuring & Turnaround

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Shakeel Adam
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Distressed and stressed airlines

- Crisis Management
- Cash Flow Improvement
- Restructuring Blueprint
- Interim Management

- IT Optimization
- Digital Innovation

Airlines find themselves in difficulties for different reasons. Some see it coming, but often even promising and fast growing airlines suddenly realise markets changed, or costs spun out of control.

Whatever the reason your airline is in trouble, we help you take action early enough to keep as many options open as possible.

The most common error in a restructuring is taking too much time to conduct a lengthy diagnosis. When faced with a crisis, it is important to take action quickly to stabilise the situation before turning to extensive diagnoses.


Our service capability

We follow a proven approach to restructuring by reorganising the underlying business to improve operating cash flow. Our experts have undertaken restructuring assignments in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North/South/Central America, the Caribbean and Russia/CIS.

Unlike so many other consultancies which roll out junior staff or lack the depth of airline experience, our team members have the experience and skills to help you tackle your situation quickly and with confidence. We are pragmatic and practical, focusing on enhancing profitability and the competitiveness of your business. For more information, please contact Shakeel Adam.

Recent Experience
  • Restructuring of a major leisure airline in Europe operating exclusively with a fleet of wide-body aircraft

  • Restructuring of a top 10 global airline across a widen range of areas. Returned to record profit within 6 months after reporting the largest loss in history

  • Assured interoperability and business continuity for critical business systems during a 17B USD M&A engagement

  • Post privatization restructuring of a national airline in Southern Europe resulting in a modern fleet, processes and enhanced customer loyalty

  • Post-privatization restructuring of an Eastern European airline

  • Organization redesign, establishment of performance management system at fast-growing African carrier

  • Reorganization roadmap of international sales teams at a major international airline based in Asia

  • Initial review of strategic options for the restructuring of a major state owned airline in the Middle East, provided to the state holding company

  • Crisis management and commercial assessment of first low cost airline in Russia, completed on behalf of the new owners - private equity holding

  • Developed the blueprint and overall roadmap for restructuring the second largest airline in the middle east Saudi Arabian Airlines, including the separation of non-core businesses and preparation of the airline for privatisation

  • Leadership role during the restructuring of the Royal Jordanian Airways

  • Assessment of commercial performance and strategy at a 14 aircraft regional airline in the Black Sea region

  • Commercial survival planning and restructuring of a Boeing 747 cargo airline

  • Comprehensive restructuring of state-owned airline in the Caribbean

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