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Portugese - Native
Spanish - Fluent
English - Fluent

João Machado

BA Econ & Mgmt ('23)
Junior Associate

Based in Italy, João is responsible for Aviado’s public and media relations activities while concurrently providing analytics support for client engagements. Born and raised in Brazil, a country with a dynamic – and often volatile – aviation industry, João specializes in the analysis side of aviation, explaining the difficulties airlines face, while also interpreting the solutions they employ.

Having started with a small blog, João has developed a reputation as a reliable, independent source of content for local and national mainstream media. Prior to joining Aviado, João had already worked with Ponte Aérea (currently Contato Radar), and, where João focus on commercial aviation in Brazil and South America. Over the years João has already published more than 500 articles to facilitate comprehension of the complex dynamics of the aviation sector for experts and hobby enthusiasts alike.

As a member of the Aviado team, João supports Aviado’s analytics capabilities and is assisting the senior leadership.


• Market Analysis
• Media content development
• Analytics for aviation strategy
• Data research

Recent Assignments

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