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Impact Simulation

Concentration instead of simplification

Steadily growing complexity is a fact of life. This is particularly true for the aviation sector. Simplification is commonly accepted as the answer to this phenomenon. Unfortunately, all too often this results in sheer ignorance of factors that are vital to the proper functioning of an airline. Therefore, the key to success under complex conditions is not simplification but concentration on the essential success factors.

The better the model of the system, the better the control over the system

We at AVIADO acknowledge this fact. With our Impact Simulation we reliably identify the 20% of the internal and external factors that explain more than 80% of the well-functioning of the airline. We also determine how each of these factors contributes to the success of the airline. Finally, we build a model of the success factors that represents their mutual impacts and allows the simulation of scenarios on future developments.

Broad variety of applications

Once the Impact Simulation model has been build up in a short series of one-day workshops, it can be applied to various fields like corporate development, executive training, strategic planning and others. The key results are quality improvements in corporate decision making and enhancements in managerial competence.

Recent deployment of the Impact Simulation

•  Impact modeling to simulate competitive reactions to potential strategic moves of a regional full-service carrier
•  Designing an impact model of strategic success factors for the spare parts logistics of an aviation component supplier to enhance the development of a functional strategy
•  Setting up an impact simulation on drivers for employer attractiveness of an international airline to optimize employer branding activities

•  Impact simulation to validate the location decision for a manufacturing plant of an aviation supplier

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