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10 Nov 2022

Aviado Partners is engaged to assist capital raise for airline privatization

Aviado Partners Advisory Services GmbH, a leading international transport-sector consulting firm, has been engaged by an infrastructure investment firm to support a capital raise for its airline M&A activities.

Aviado Partners Advisory Services has been engaged by a private investment financing firm which is in the midst of privatizing a national airline.  This mandate is an extension to a previous engagement whereby the client engaged Aviado to evaluate the acquisition potential and to develop the entire commercial strategy and business plan.

With this engagement, Aviado is specifically engaged to assist with the next steps of the airline acquisition capital raise activities. Aviado Partners is providing the client with a team of senior experts who have worked across the broad range of line management activities within airlines, airports, financial institutions and media. The experts have previously held CEO, CCO, CMO, COO, CRO, head of Network, head of Revenue Management and many other roles. The engagement involved team members from the Germany, Canada, UK, Brazil, Austria and Italy. 

“This project began more than a year ago. Aviado's addition to the team has been invaluable. Aviado has delivered tremendous real and measurable value to the acquisition and their work has tremendously enhanced the investment profile of the transaction. Shakeel Adam has proved himself to have an unparalleled network within the airline industry. The quality of the work product delivered by Aviado has far exceeded our expectations. For this reason we are pleased to expand Aviado's mandate to support more areas of this transaction. Having worked with numerous other experts, we are please to now focus on working with Aviado Partners as our exclusive aviation expert team because of the proven track record having delivered on multiple engagements with us as well as the strong reputation in the market of the company and its team members. Aviado proved they aren't like other consultants. Shakeel and his team have been hands-on from day 1 and have proved they know what it takes to manage an airline at the most senior levels. They saved us time and money and the transaction is moving quickly with their help.” Founder, Investment Management Firm.

On behalf of Aviado Partners, “Working with this client has been a tremendous pleasure. We are humbled by the recognition and appreciation of our efforts. Since covid, we value trusted relationships more than ever and are honoured by our client's recognising the extensive, practical and hands-on expertise Aviado Partners airline consultants bring to the table.”

About Aviado Partners Advisory Services GmbH

Aviado Partners Advisory Services GmbH is a specialist management consulting firm providing objective, independent and evidence-based analysis, advice and implementation support to airlines, airports, rail operators, hotels and other transportation related companies around the world. The firm advises management, boards, investors, governments, leasing companies and other stakeholders across all the key commercial and strategy issues. Aviado Partners' team members and associates have worked with leading international full service and low cost airlines, global consulting firms, financial institutions and manufacturers both as members of senior management as well as an airline consultant. The Partners and Associates have led or had significant involvement in numerous merger, acquisition, restructuring, start-up, aircraft selection and performance improvement assignments in Asia, the United States, Canada, South America, Russia & the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

For media inquiries, please send an email to

About the Client

The Client is a pan regional infrastructure investment fund with investments in assets across 9 countries

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