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Aviado Partners is a specialist aviation and rail consultancy supporting clients through objective, independent and evidence-based analysis, advice and implementation support. Our team share extensive industry experience to help clients realize measurable results​, quickly. We specialize in airline start-up, restructuring, cost cutting, or exploiting growth opportunities. We also specialize in rail revenue model optimization, particularly in the areas of dynamic pricing and revenue management.

Overcoming the lasting effects of the 2020-2022 crisis 


The airline industry worldwide came to a standstill during the SARS-Cov2 / Covid-19 pandemic. As the recovery continues, it presents tremendous challenges as well as significant opportunities. The winners will be the operators which are able to shift quicker than others. 

The opportunities include

This crisis has created the full breadth of opportunities. Read more about our services to face these strategic challenges here 

Airlines, in particular, were bailed out to unprecedented levels. The lasting effects of which will likely be felt for 20-30 years, if not longer. Few airlines used the time to reorganise their businesses and to prepare for a whole new reality. Far too many planned for and still, in late 2022, benchmark performance against 2019. Research studies show travel has changed fundamentally. 

As government bailouts disappear, airlines struggle to ramp up.

  • They did not switch to becoming nimble,

  • Did not change to a start-up mentality,

  • Did not plan for reduced demand,

  • Did not plan for permanent loss of premium demand,

  • Did not plan for the surge in leisure demand,

  • Did not plan for the shift in leisure demand to different travel behaviour. 

  • Did not plan for a global rethinking about supply chains, which affects cargo, but also business travel.

Restructuring is desperately needed. Not just to cut cost, but position for growth and to capitalize on consolidation opportunities. 

The Aviado Partners team members have been leading major airline turnaround assignments for over 30 years. This vast experience working on some of the most significant assignments in the industry is unmatched. The results in driving real performance change in airlines, inbound tourism, growing business traffic, etc has proven that Aviado Partners is the clear global market leader, consistently delivering 30-40% more accurate results than other forecasting methodology in the world, cash flow positive results within 60 days, increasing inbound tourism growth five-fold and total traffic growth ca. 20% annually. 

The Aviado Partners team of experts have extensive experience supporting airlines, airports and shareholders through turbulent times and turning around the fortunes of numerous operators. Read more about our Airline Restructuring services. Or contact Shakeel Adam.


Optimizing the Cold-Chain for Pharma

Various studies by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and various other Institutions have found that up to 60% of vaccines are either spoiled or wasted before reaching the point of service. 25-40% of this waste occurs during transportation with vaccines transported internationally and over long distances resulting in higher average wastage. (Sources: contact Aviado Partners)

After two decades of knowing the problem, there has been no significant innovation. 


The Pharma Cold Chain is wasteful: disruption is a moral imperative

For many years even the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been pushing for a call to action. But, the cold chain has not improved. This is because global logistics chains are optimized for the vast variety of goods that need to be transported and are optimized largely to an archaic infrastructure of hub airlines and transportation companies. That infrastructure has been designed for overall efficiency but its performance is insufficient for the transportation of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products. 


Our team of experts have extensive experience across airlines, airports, logistics and the cold chain and we understand the challenges. We have identified numerous means to disrupt the current logistics approach for pharma transport using readily available technologies and solutions. We invite Governments, Pharmaceutical companies, Health Administrators, Airlines and Logistics companies to contact us so we can share our knowledge and help you to deliver more vaccines, faster, with less wastage - ultimately saving lives at a lower cost. 


Please contact us on our Contact Page or directly to Shakeel Adam


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​Our Global Presence

Aviado Partners is a truly global airline consultancy. Our Partners and Associates are based around the world. We can mobilize an airline consultant to any location worldwide.


* Markings on the map indicate where current Partners, Associates and partner firms are based.

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Awards and Recognition

2021 Winner

Aviation and Aerospace Awards – Best Airline Consultancy Specialists

2021, 2020, 2019 Winner

Global 100 Awards

– Best Aviation Management Consulting Firm

2021, 2019 Winner

Global Business Insight Awards 

– Aviation Management 

Consultants of the Year

2020 Winner

CV Magazine Aviation and Aerospace Awards 

– Aviation Management 

Consultants of the Year

2020 Winner

M&A Today Global Awards

– Best Aviation 

Management Consulting Firm

2019 Winner


Transport News Air Transport Awards

– Best Aviation Management Consulting Firm

2017 Winner

German Enterprise Award

for Excellence in Aviation 



"We were very impressed with the team’s delivery. A testament to their experience – we did not lose any time explaining our industry or our specific needs to them, they knew how to fit right in and serve our needs from day one." 

Antonis Simigdalas, former Chief Executive Officer of newly privatized Olympic Air, Co-founder Aegean Airlines and past President of the European Regional Airlines Association.


"The work you and your team did for me at Qantas ... reviewing revenue management practices and recommending improvements to the network... generated useful and actionable recommendations, which led to real improvements in profitability."

Norris Carter, GM Commercial at Qantas International


"I am happy to be using your services again in my current role as General Manager Aeronautical Commercial at Auckland Airport."

Norris Carter, GM Commercial at Auckland Airport


"[The Team] worked with RwandAir in the supply of HR Audit Services ... which they did successfully within the agreed period. We appreciate the service done and recommend them for any similar service."

John Mirenge, Chief Executive Officer


"[The Team] reviewed an existing YM within bmi. This includes the improvement, documentation and set up of pilot phases for relevant processes...with high degree of knowledge and professionalism."

Ulrike Schlosser, Lufthansa Group head of Project Re-engineering British Midland Ltd.

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