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Aircraft Selection

A technical and commercial decision

Aircraft selection is the critical step of taking theory to reality. Many airlines just to aircraft selection before having properly developed a network plan and fleet plan

Too often airlines jump to choosing specific aircraft types, thus putting the cart before the horse. This is an old and traditional way of choosing aircraft which worked before deregulation in fares and markets when yields were high and aircraft were generally smaller. Aircraft selection should not be an emotional decision. For profit-driven airlines, the choice of aircraft must be a balance between technical and commercial interests.   

Aviado Partners supports airlines through the process of selecting aircraft and negotiating with manufacturers and lessors. We bring experience from having worked with small and large airlines and with aircraft manufacturers. We have a strong knowledge about the technical capabilities and commercial revenue generating potential of most major aircraft types. Our team members have experience with fleet planning and aircraft selection across more than 5,000 aircraft around the world. 


Given the strategic importance of this subject, we do not provide our approach on this website but would be happy to discuss this with airlines. We can also only name experience in generic terms.

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Experience of team members

For further information, please contact Shakeel Adam.

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