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If Pricing and Yield Management are working properly, then sales is easy, right?

“If only we had a new booking engine to grow our online sales would soar”.
“If only we could increase our sales incentive budget we would get more revenue”.
“If only we had a mobile application like our competitors we would win more corporate revenue”. Etc etc.

The list of ‘if only’ statements related to promising sales improvement are legion. But they are usually given as responses to incorrect questions.

Achieving strong sales growth is the goal of all airlines. Making a sale generates revenue which to fuel the business. Without strong sales performance the best strategic plans or lowest cost base are useless.

Improving Sales performance

Optimizing sales performance requires a detailed understanding of your strategic plan and goals, customer segments and distribution channel needs. Some key questions to address include:

•  Is there clarity and alignment in measuring the real value and cost of each sale, through each distribution

   channel, in all markets?
•  Are field sales teams and their head office counterparts selling the same thing?
•  Are sales agreements incentivising the right customers or conflicting with your commercial priorities?
•  Does your marketing segmentation and sales segmentation look the same?
•  Do you measure/quantify the net value of each of your customers?

•  Are sales teams organised appropriately to exploit defined customer segments?​

How we can help

We work with you to take a structured approach to diagnosing your current, desired and future sales capability. We challenge you to achieve clarity around who you are targeting and through what distribution channels you are reaching them, and in which markets – especially if entering new international destinations.  We will assist you to generate timely and accessible sales data that is consistent across your sales and commercial functions, ensuring your sales goals are aligned.  If needed, we can guide you to create organisational structures which better support and align with your corporate goals, therefore delivering superior sales performance.

Whether ensuring data integrity and performing analysis, structuring corporate sales programmes, or designing field sales organisations, our experts have practical experience from working for and with carriers in all segments and markets - to help you deliver a superior sales performance and better execute your chosen strategy.


For more information, please contact Us.

Recent Experience

•  Development of the corporate sales approach including incentive agreement structures for major European

   flag carrier

•  Creation of dedicated SME options for several of the major airline alliances
•  Review the complete commercial and sales performance and creation of an improved organisational sales

   structure for a major Asian Flag carrier
•  Development of an effective corporate sales structure and approach for an Asian carrier
•  Functional assessment of the whole sales organisation including its interfaces to all other commercial

   functions with major middle East flag carrier

•  Developed and implemented alliance sales programmes (corporate sales, agent incentives)
•  Achieved 50% growth in sales revenue over a rolling 3 year period for a major network carrier in a key market

•  Restructuring sales incentive and GSA contracts and agreements to achieve sales growth at lower cost of

   sale for a major US carrier

•  Developing partnership programmes to extend sales through third party vendors
•  Sales and marketing planning for a major European flag carrier in Asia Pacific

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