Solutions to complex strategic issues.

Solutions to complex strategic issues.




The airline industry worldwide is characterized by significant barriers to entry, and in many markets, by monopolies and oligopolies. Yet, the industry is notorious for making losses. When the industry does make profits, they are short lived and often unimpressive.



Costs rise modestly, this is not unique to airlines. But unit revenues continue to fall steadily over long periods. Why does this happen? And if the industry continues to innovate with new products, ancillaries, and lower unit cost aircraft, why do profits continue to elude airlines? 



Our team of experts have extensive experience leading airlines through turbulent times and turning around the fortunes of numerous airlines. We take a profit based approach rather than looking only at costs. Read more about our performance improvement capabilities. And click here for our restructuring capabilities


Each airline consultant on our team understands the challenges faced by any company are often driven by where the company is in its life cycle stage of development. This is why we bundle our solutions in a way that is tailored to looking at things from your perspective. 

(For specialist expert assistance in network planning, revenue management, etc, please see our Aviation Services page.)

The challenges associated with starting an airline are often underestimated. Airlines often fail because they were either ill-conceived, because they were not set up properly or they were established without proper funding, infrastructure, management, holistic business systems, innovative technology, etc. Our approach is to ensure you establish the right business model for the market in which you wish to compete. More...

As with any sector, consolidation amongst airlines occurs in waves and commonly follows market deregulation and economic shocks. While airline consolidation is necessary, too many mergers and acquisitions are poorly structured, often leading to heterogenous systems, incompatible business models, conflicting organizational climates, complex compliance and regulatory frameworks, and excessive costs to maintain interoperability across key business systems. Our team members have experience having worked on more than 80 transformations to help maximise the potential of a transaction. More...

Airlines have become preoccupied with ruthless cost control, but while they continue to drive costs down offset rising fuel costs, they continue to struggle with profitability. This suggests the need for a different way of thinking. With more than 200 years of management experience across all key disciplines, our experts understand where to create value in airlines. More...​

Any manager who has ever found themselves leading a company in distress knows there's no feeling more daunting. Far too often we see restructurings focusing only on part of the problem, or which take months of analysis with 1000s of pages of reports and no action. Our approach to airline restructuring is simple - focus on cash flow. Stabilisation and crisis management are the critical elements to creating an environment in which to allow the business to focus on corrective action. More...

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