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Our Aviation Advisory Council. Wisdom from experience.

We strongly believe in governance and prudence. To this end, we have assembled a highly respected and very international group of airline industry professionals to serve on our Aviation Advisory Council. The members of the council have been clients, partners, team members, advisors and mentors to members of the AVIADO team for more than a decade.​

In their role on the advisory council these professionals provide guidance to the firm's leadership and can also be called upon to share their decades of experience with clients. They are an active part of how we steer and develop our capabilities and provide invaluable insight into industry trends and history. In general, they have extensive global experience and are experts in economics, policy and governance.

Dr. Fred Lazar​​ PhD

Based in Toronto, Canada, Fred is an Executive Advisor and member of Aviado Partners’ Advisory Council. He has been a leading advisor to airlines and aviation policy regulators in Canada, Australia and Europe for over 28 years.

Fred's areas of expertise lie in corporate restructuring, governance, regulatory policy and de-regulation with a specific interest in competition, and anti-trust matters where he has been an advisor and has acted as an expert witness for both regulatory authorities and airlines.

Fred has advised authorities in Canada and Australia on issues such as international aviation competitiveness, open skies, bilateral relationships, privatisation and enhancing domestic competition. He has also taught competition policy and law at Osgoode Hall law School and as part of an Industrial Organisation course at Schulich School of Business.

Fred’s most notable efforts include having advised the Chairman and CEO of ACE Aviation on the restructuring of Air Canada and all related subsidiaries, advising Regional Airlines Holding Co. on the creation of Porter Airlines and advising Australian Airlines on effectively positioning in a de-regulated market. In all three cases, Fred has advised on competition policy as part of his larger mandate. He is also a recognised expert witness, having advised on government policy in Canada and Australia.

Antonis Simigdalas MCILT, FRAeS​


Based in Athens, Greece, Antonis is an Executive Advisor and member of AVIADO Partners' Advisory Council.​


Antonis was the CEO of Olympic Air till 2011, leading this brand new airline through the start-up as the privatised successor of the previous state-owned airline Olympic Airways. Prior to this, Antonis was the co-founder, General Manager and COO of Aegean Airlines (1988-2009), a member of the board of Goldair Handling (1997-2004). He is a highly recognized industry professional having received numerous industry awards. Antonis is a regular speaker on many industry conferences, author of a number of publications, a visiting lecturer at Cranfield University, an active pilot, an official air accident investigator, and a member of multiple aviation international organisations including the Flight Safety Foundation.​


In his involvement as President of the European Regional Airlines Association, Antonis authorised, planned and was directly involved with many infrastructure, policy and regulatory projects including the European Union Air Transport Management (EU ATM) since the inception of SESAR in 2005 (now SES) as the successor to Eurocontrol, an advisor to the EU Commission on the MEDA (Mediterranean Development Area) project as a specialist on Airports and ATM and before that, the transformation of the Greek ATM in 1997/1998.​


In his role as a Senior Advisor and Advisory Council member of Aviado Partners, Antonis specialises on Legislative, Regulatory and high-level Corporate issues affecting Air Transport System efficiency, including Airlines, ATMs, Airports andother components of the Air Transport Industry.

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