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Pricing and Yield Management

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Shakeel Adam

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Is there such a thing as perfect Pricing & Yield Management?

Airlines have different customer segments and different network structures. Pricing and Yield Management takes this into account and therefore needs to be tailor-made the specific needs of your airline.

Yield management is not a software to be installed, running on a computer and automatically generating additional revenue. The price structure has to fit with your customers’ needs, their buying behaviour and their willingness to pay. The processes in pricing & yield management – but also the interaction with other marketing and sales areas, the way of thinking, skills and finally the system and data must work together like clockwork to ensure yield management can be successful.

How we can help

We assess your current environment, identify potentials and help you to utilise your resources. Where needed, we help you to design and implement improved processes and perhaps even to choose and implement a new system.

Most importantly, the experience of our team members means we can help your teams to maximize their potential to extract maximum value from your revenue.​

For more information, please contact Shakeel Adam

We are different

•  We have been in senior management positions ourselves so we know the business from practical experience

•  We work onsite with your staff on practical solutions
•  We have excellent connections to research resources (universities)
•  We have good connections to vendors – but we remain independent
•  We have also proven RM experience and expertise in other industries including tourism, rail, cruising, car

   rentals, etc.

Related Services

  Sales & Distribution

•  Marketing
•  Network Planning

Recent Experience

•  Reviewed the state of readiness for the move to O&D RM at a major international airline based in Asia

•  Reviewed the approach to revenue management. Redefining a package of business processes, including a

   complete set of documented work processes for S7 Airlines, oneworld members and the largest domestic

   carrier based in Russia
•  Reviewed the effectiveness of BMIs RM department. As a follow up, developed changes to processes and

   provided training to improve the overall skills and capabilities of the RM team
•  Developed and implemented RM from scratch including mind-set, processes, skills and tools at AIDA cruises,

   Germany´s leading cruise company

•  Working with a global transport conglomerate, developed a detailed revenue management strategy for a

   business which the client sought to acquire. This included analyzing the existing businesses to identify

   opportunities for improving revenue

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