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About Aviado Partners

Aviado Partners is an aviation & transport sector management consulting firm providing trusted advice & practical solutions to corporates, government and institutional stakeholders.
We strive to make a difference

Because we've managed in the industry ourselves, we know about the complexities which make this an especially interesting, but equally challenging sector in which to lead an organization. Our experts have the deep functional and industry expertise and they're not afraid to take on the challenges facing the industry.

Whether it's a matter of regulatory barriers to competition, scarcity of qualified and talented staff, difficulty retaining talent, or the long lead times for adjusting fleet capacity and route networks, whatever your contemporary challenge, we work with you as we do with our own colleagues. We do this by helping to address the real issues affecting your business so you can get on with the practical matter of competing more effectively. Click here t​o read more about our services.​

Our people are world-class experts

We recognize the importance of experience above all else. But developing trusted relationships with clients takes more than just experience. For this reason, we also look for team members with leadership capabilities, creativity, integrity and strong analytical capabilities.

Our team members and associates have extensive experience having held senior management positions with airlines, regulators and within tier 1 advisory firms. They have made their mark in the industry and many are well known for their thought leadership as well as their practical leadership of teams and companies. Each expert has been an airline consultant for many years.

Above all, those who join us share the same strong set of values and principles putting each other and our clients first. Click here to read more about our airline consultants.

Our Mission and Values
Our mission is to help clients to realize lasting and measurable improvements to their business performance with integrity and honesty

Making a difference is important to us. Therefore, we have a strong set of values to guide us:

  • Always place the interests of our clients first

  • Behave with professional integrity

  • Be honest about what we see, even if it's not what our clients want to hear

  • See the big picture, not just immediate problems

  • Provide sustainable advice

  • Be honest with ourselves and continuously learn from our own experiences

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