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Managing for Performance

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Shakeel Adam​
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The airline sector is perennially one of the worst performing industries around the world and is often quoted as having lost more money in history than it has ever made. While this is a macro view, we take a different view. Our experts have the experience that achieving profits is very manageable when airlines are organized and managed properly. 

Many airlines hire a consultant to provide a piece of analysis which requires specialized skills or tools which the airline cannot justify to have in house. But facing today's real challenges most often requires a real-world solution. Such solutions usually mean change for the airline through the introduction of new skills, processes, structure, methods and technologies. Transforming a business in this way requires more than just analysis and reports, it means delivering a real change where it is needed in the business by strengthening the abilities of the airline.

This often requires support to help the airline through the transformation with experts providing assistance until new processes, methods, structures, tools and technologies are implemented. That's where our experts can help, sharing their years of experience in making such transformations as former management in airlines and C-level IT executives.

Our service capability

Our experts have led analyses and implementations of large scale transformations such as start-ups, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs, as well as specific implementations such as a move to origin and destination revenue management systems, the change from leg-based route planning to O&D network management.

We are pragmatic and practical, focusing on transferring knowledge to your teams so that the transformation sticks and lasts long after the project is finished.

For more information, please contact Shakeel Adam.

Recent Experience
  • Working with an airline in crisis to develop not a theoretical change to network, but a real, measurable network redesign using existing aircraft and route rights to dramatically change the profitability of the airline within 3 months

  • Working with another insolvent airline in Eastern Europe to dramatically effect change throughout operations to eliminate a 40% aircraft-on-ground situation within 60 days and working at the same time with commercial and operations to align route and aircraft planning to increase efficiencies a and free up aircraft capacity for additional flying. This led to an 18% increase in real passenger revenues within 90 days

  • Stepping in as part of the Administration team to help an insolvent Boeing 747 cargo airline to quickly improve cash flow in the short term. This involved working directly with the Chief

  • Working side by side with the management of an insolvent state-owned airline in the Caribbean to design, develop and implement changes throughout finance, commercial and operations over a period of 14 months to deliver a complete transformation of the business and dramatically reduce losses

  • Buy-side analysis on behalf of a major European airline seeking to acquire another major 

  • Leadership of the post privatization restructuring of a national airline in Southern Europe, designing a new network, working through the fleet selection process and implementing a new management organisation structure

  • Designing and implementing a performance management system at a young and fast-growing airline, which included salary benchmarking, developing a new management structure and designing new processes for managing performance. The comprehensive system aligned jobs to performance reviews to compensation.

  • Successful navigation through complex data privacy legislation and data localization regulations in Asia to reduce operating costs by over 1M euro during a cloud-based technology transformation program spanning 40 countries

  • Commercial Officer, the Director of Operations, the VP Flight Operations and the Director of Maintenance to effect immediate changes in the company, leading to positive cash flow within 6 weeks

  • For further information, please contact a member of our team. You may find their profiles to the right or on the Our Team page.

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