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Airline consolidation has recently accelerated due to the deregulation of markets within the EU, while mature deregulated markets such as the US are undergoing a second round of consolidation following years of new competition from international players.

New global leaders have emerged and one of the biggest global airlines is currently in bankruptcy protection, allowing competitors to get stronger. But this airline will emerge stronger and perhaps bigger if it goes through with a merger currently under consideration.

There are different types of mergers and acquisitions and no strict rules of what to do and how to do it. But airlines often merge without proper preparation. In some cases, airlines merge as a defensive move fearing competitive threats. Sometimes, bigger is better, but not always.

Equally relevant and perhaps more challenging are separations. Separations involve splitting up a business or parts of a business. Executing a seperation presents specific challenges to ensure the seperate pieces can continue to function.

AVIADO Partners experts have designed, managed and transformed aviation organisations gaining extensive experience in Mergers, Acquisitions, Carve-outs and Spinoffs across jurisdictions including Canada, Australia, Greece, the United Kingdom and at the European Commission, India, and the Middle East, amongst others.

With the experience of our team, AVIADO Partners can provide clients a breadth of experience taking into account industry best practice, while retaining flexibility to tailor solutions to a specific situation.

We can assist with developing a merger or seperation blueprint, or a roadmap for implementation. And if needed, we can also assist to implement and programme manage the transformation.​

•  Buy-side analysis on behalf of a major European airline seeking to acquire another major 

•  European airline: included financial modelling of synergy benefits

•  Merger implementation between three airlines in Europe including a full service carrier, a charter

   carrier and a regional shuttle operator: included management redesign, network and product

   consolidation, fleet renewal

•  Strategic advice to the management team of a European airline who found themselves in an

   unplanned merger with another airline. Advice provided focused on risk mitigation and guidance

   on activities to ensure continuing operations

•  Aviation sector expertise provided to the monitoring trustee mandated with the oversight of a

   separation under a mandate from the UK Competition Commission

•  Implementation of merger between two large international airlines in North America

•  Post-acquisition commercial improvement plan for a European airline on behalf of the acquiring

   airline (the world's largest airline group by revenue)

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