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Network Planning & Scheduling

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Shakeel Adam
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Network planning is a robust process which helps an airline to maximise the potential of matching aircraft capacity with market demand. It is about identifying the right network first and then finding the aircraft to serve it.

Network management is about most efficiently using the aircraft you have to operate the best network you design. It considers the constraints which already exist and which are dificult to change in the short term, such as fleet mix, frequencies, bilaterals.

Why do so many airlines struggle with network planning?

•  Small and mid-sized airlines are often too small to justify the investment in data, tools and resources.
•  Large airlines often depend too much on the same data others use and lose the flexibility of smaller, more

   nimble airlines.

In reality, many airlines, even in the top 30, operate a production-driven model rather than a market driven model and as such network planning does not form the core of their strategic business planning.​

Our Service Offering

Aviado resolves complex issues in network strategy, market and production planning, schedule optimization and fleet utilization.

Our experts provide airlines with a state-of-the-art consulting from an independent perspective.

Fast Cash improvements: When faced with a degrading market condition, we analyze the route and network profitability of an airline to help recover and release cash quickly. Our team members have a proven track record of finding short-term options to improve cash flow and improve liquidity. Often this s about finding new improved contrbituion flying, and at other times this is about restricting negative contribution flying.

Increased Network Profitability: Aviado consultants analyze your resources, your relevant markets and competition carefully. Various options are evaluated and quantified. Once the optimal solution for the airline has been determined and accepted by its amnagement, we can assist you to implement it working alongside your teams. We take into consideraton all relevant interfaces including maintenance, operational control, crew planning, marketing & sales, etc. to ensure the solution is practical and realistic. The experience of our consultants ensure you gain concrete benefits.

Schedule Robustness: Punctuality and delivering a reliable service are critical factors for any airline. Our experts support carriers to improve the robustness and reliability of the flying schedule while maintaining and often increasing profitability.

Enhancing Efficiency: Network planning is often conducted as a purely theoretical exercise. With the practical experience of our team members who have managed in airlines, we recognise that an efficient network and schedule is one which is workable on the ground and in the air, not on a computer screen. With our experience across the value chain in commercial and operations, we assist airliens to uncover ineffciiencies and to take corrective action to improve their operations. This includes optimising inefficient schedules through the elimination of items such as uncorrelated aircraft and crew rosters leading to suboptimal ground times.


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•  Assessment of special prorate agreements
•  Network assessment and restructuring of national airline in Eastern Europe
•  Route profit evaluation for cargo operator in Europe
•  Network management for a premium service carrier in the Middle East

•  Network planning and management for the fastest growing airline in Europe

•  Network restructuring for second largest national airline in South East Asia
•  Network assessment and restructuring of national airline in the Americas

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