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​Focus on what really matters

SWOT, Five Forces, gap analysis, 7S…the sheer number of strategic tools is legion. However, the purpose of strategy is not performing endless analysis, but to provide orientation on taking the right action in a complex and fuzzy environment. For an airline, that means having a clear understanding of your business model, your customers, competition, and position in the market. Therefore, the Aviado strategy approach focuses on a manageable set of key strategic performance controls.

A well developed strategy takes into account the situation at hand, assesses options for addressing future market challenges, methodologically identifies the best option and outlines in detail the best means for addressing the market challenges.

The true strategic resource: TIME

At Aviado we understand that the true strategic resource is time. Thus, the starting point of our strategy approach is the insight into the markets and the business model that are available within the airline. In up to three workshops over a period of approximately eight weeks we guide the key decision makers, who at the end of the day are in charge of realizing the strategy, towards implementation-ready, measurable results. The time between the workshops is used for supplementary research, analysis, benchmarking by the Aviado experts. As the implementation of quick wins starts in parallel with the strategy formulation, the entire process not only gains speed but also creates noticeable impact on the airline early on.

Dedicated tools for developing high impact strategies

Aviado deploys numerous methodologies to further enhance the quality of the strategy work for our clients. Our Catalytic Solution Environment creates a high performance work environment that focuses the expertise of 30 decision makers and more to develop implementation ready strategies within days. Our Impact Simulation builds a model of mission critical internal and external strategic success factors that enhances strategic decision making based on robust scenarios.​

Related Services

•  Start-up

Broad and dedicated base of expertise

Our senior airline experts have developed strategies with private, institutional and government stakeholders in low cost and full service airlines. They command strategy expertise from advisory as well as line management experience.​​

Experience includes:

•  “Which major shifts occur in our relevant markets and what is the impact on our strategic imperatives?”

•  Startup of the first low cost airline in Saudi Arabia including establishment of the business, acquiring the

   AOC and building up the operation.

•  Startup of the new Olympic Air, following the privatisation of Olympic Airlines
•  Startup of a regional subsidiary for British Airways in Germany
•  Development and commercial leadership of the first new premium full service airline in Kuwait
•  Design and development of a startup concept for a new premium full service carrier to be the flag 
carrier for

   Abu Dhabi

•  Startup, development and commercialization of Aegean Airlines
•  Startup, development and commercialization of Gold Air Handling

For further information, please contact a member of our team. You may find their profiles to the right or on the Our Team page.

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