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Alliances and Partnerships

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​Shakeel Adam
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Alliances continue to dominate

Airlines which are members of a global alliance now dominate most traffic areas, commanding ca. 60% of global traffic flows with the remainder split between low cost carriers, hybrids and other unaligned full service carriers.

However with major markets such as Russia, Africa, Canada, Australia and South America still lacking at least one if not two alliance members to provide home market access, the alliance story remains one with further potential for development. India provides significant potential with none of the alliances having a home market member and with major Gulf carriers dominating international traffic flows.

Any airline partnership, whether codeshare, global alliance or even joint ventures, will be following 4 phases in its development:

Related Services

•  Start-up

•  Interline, codeshare, SPAs

We assist airlines to identify the best-fit partnership approach, bilateral or alliance membership, and to maximize their potential from the partnership.

We bring experience from having worked with airlines in an alliance and with extensive bilateral partnership and with the global airline alliance management organizations.​

If an alliance is not right for your airline, you may benefit from bi-lateral partnerships or from joint ventures.

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For further information, please contact Shakeel Adam.

Recent Experience

•  Partner evaluation and modelling for European national airline assessing financial impact potential of more

   than 30 airline partnership combinations with the goal of identifying alliance membership potential

•  Alliance strategic fit analysis looking at all three global alliances, for European national airline comparing

   not only the network revenue benefit

•  Various commercial projects with a global Airline Alliance Management
•  Assisting a large European carrier with activities related to oneworld alliance integration and advising on

   post-joining benefit realisation

•  Project managing the integration process of two major carriers for the entry into Star Alliance
•  Benchmarking the differences between the three global airline alliances
•  Conducting a best fit analysis for European flag carrier leading to prioritization of the alliances. With the

   business case in hand, the airline attracted significant attention of the major carriers of the chosen alliance

   within weeks

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