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Organization Design

We understand the key levers of organizational effectiveness

More than three quarters of all initiatives on organizing aviation companies solely deal with moving boxes and names around the org chart. At Aviado Partners we focus on what really differentiates an airline in terms of organization: the enablers of superior performance, like consistency of assignment, authority and accountability, real time information flows and sufficient capacity of managerial communication channels.

To create high performance airline organizations we address our clients’ organization structure, management processes and job design simultaneously. This means going beyond moving boxes around, it means actually increasing the performance of the business by improving how it works.

Close collaboration to foster our clients’ management competence

As we understand that the true strategic resource is time, AVIADO Partners bases its organization assessment and design on a one-step data generation approach that combines interviews, questionnaires and workshops.

Throughout the process we work closely with our clients and continuously involve their decision makers. As a positive side effect they gain completely new insights into what really makes their organization function. This in turn increases their management capacity.

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An approach custom-tailored to our clients’ needs

The modular set up of our organization design methodology allows for add-ons based on our clients’ specific needs and requirements. For instance an analysis of informal networks may create transparency on information hubs, experts, and gate keepers that so far have might have been out of management’s perception. Or a management assessment may enable optimized staffing recommendations.

When conducive we also deploy our
Catalytic Solution Environment to build record time high performance organizations with maximum involvement from our clients’ decision makers.

Click here for details about the
Catalytic Solution Environment.

Recent Experience

•  Re-design of organization and management structures at a fast-growing African flag-carrier

•  Implementation of a high-performance organization design for a global maintenance and spare parts

   logistics company
•  Management Audit of the top three management levels of a regional airline
•  Design of an integrated management system for a regional full-service airline
•  Harmonization of worldwide HR processes in a global aviation technology company
•  Optimization of the HR organization for an air traffic control agency
•  Design and implementation of a strategic controlling function for a regulatory authority with more than

   90,000 employees

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