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European Airline Strategic Options Consulting
Aviado Partners has been engaged to review a European Airline restructuring and to evaluate future strategic options for the airline

28 Janaury 2015, Eschborn, Germany


Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH, a leading international airline consulting firm, has been engaged by the Government of a European Union member state to provide an independant review of the progress of the restructuring of its national airline. As part of this review, Aviado Partners is providing the Government with visibility and transparency over the status of the restructuring. In addition, Aviado Partners is advising the Government on strategic options for its shareholding in the future. As part of this work Aviado Partners is not advising the airline in any way. The scope of work is limited to an independant third party review of the shareholding. 


Aviado Partners is providing the client with a world-class team of experts with extensive experience in airline strategy, airline restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, crisis management, commercial planning, network design, fleet planning, sales, alliances, loyalty, revenue management and overall commercial management. The assigned Aviado Partners team is comprised of senior resources who have been involved in over 50 airline strategy and airline restructuring assignments around the world. 


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About Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH

Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH is a specialist management consulting firm providing objective, independent and evidence-based analysis, advice and implementation support to airlines, airports, rail operators, hotels and other transportation related companies around the world. The firm advises management, boards, investors, governments, leasing companies and other stakeholders across all the key commercial and strategy issues. Aviado Partners' team members and associates have worked with leading international full service and low cost airlines, global consulting firms, financial institutions and manufacturers both as members of senior management as well as an airline consultant. The Partners and Associates have led or had significant involvement in numerous merger, acquisition, restructuring, start-up, aircraft selection and performance improvement assignments in Asia, the United States, Canada, South America, Russia & the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.


​About the Client


The Client has requested to remain confidentlal to protect the commercial interests of the airline. 


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