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Interested in joining Aviado Partners Advisory Services GmbH? Read this before contacting us.

We thank all interested parties and do appreciate the great interest you have all shown in joining our team. However, to improve your chances with us, please read below.


We are a small team with a very focused plan and strategy. We don't want to be the largest aviation consultant in the world, but we do certainly want to be the strongest and most trusted in the areas we serve. 


Making this happen requires the following:

  • Significant experience in the aviation sector. Until now, we do not use any junior resources because that is just not what clients want today. They want highly experienced experts who do not need to be trained by the client and who are able to deliver value to them from the moment they step off the airplane. 

  • Specific expertise in the areas we serve. Credibly advising a client to design a fare family, select routes or select aircraft requires expertise and experience of having done this before ourselves. That means, that if you want to join us, you need to have done it before. We don't want to pretend we can do everything, we leave that to other firms. We believe in specializing only in the areas where we have credibility.

  • Management experience: We largely advise senior level management on critical business issues. That means it is critical that all of our resources have themselves been in senior management roles within the industry. 

  • Ability to build and maintain relationships: Consultancy is a difficult task. We help clients find their way through exciting and sometimes difficult situations. We need to serve them with professionalism and dignity, to help them own the solution. 


We thank everyone for their interest, however, we are honest with ourselves about the role we play in the market and we want to be honest with you.

  • If you have extensive airline experience, specific and credible expertise matching our services and you have led/managed at a very senior level in a leading airline in the world, we want to hear from you. 

  • However, if you're a new graduate, have only held very junior roles, are a highly technical person without management experience or are unsure about what you want to do next, then we respectfully wish you well in your continued search, but ask you not to send us your profile. 


Working with us and our clients is incredibly satisfying and interesting. We do not actively recruit new resources, but are always happy to hear from senior airline experts and executives who may be looking for a change. If the above resonates with you, please send us an email to


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