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28 Apr 2021

Aviado Partners is engaged to assist with a new all-premium start-up airline

Aviado Partners Advisory Services GmbH, a leading international transport-sector consulting firm, has been engaged to assist with a new all-premium start-up airline

Aviado Partners Advisory Services has been engaged by a private client to assist with establishing a new all-premium long-haul airline intended to operate across the Atlantic and be a direct competitor to the North American Big 4 (Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta and United) as well as numerous European major airlines (Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss, and others).

With a mandate to launch an all business class airline, Aviado Partners deployed a senior team of experts who have all worked from the bottom in industry to the top having held CEO, CCO, CMO, COO, CRO, head of Network, head of Revenue Management and many other roles. The engagement involved team members from the Canada, EU, UK, and Brazil.

After an initial funding round, Aviado Partners worked with the client to not only evaluate the planned all business class concept, but also evaluated all premium economy and a mixed 2 class business and premium economy configuration. All major widebody models – new and old – currently available on the market were assessed for fit for purpose. In all, Aviado Partners and the Client worked effectively together to develop this project to bring it to maturity and ready to raise its next level of financing.

At first glance Aviado believed the project was guaranteed to fail, that this airline should not start. As such Aviado recommended the client not pursue it. Ultimately Aviado Partners agreed to first conduct a high-level feasibility study to identify whether the conceptual idea had any merit. Aviado Partners uses an evidence-based approach to all its work. Through this, unemotional, unbiased, fact-based approach, the strong potential for the business became evident as even far greater than the client was expecting.

“This project began more two decades ago, but we needed to repeatedly delay the start-up due to changing market conditions. Covid provided the right opportunity for a rebalancing of the market. After an exhaustive search, we chose Aviado Partners as our exclusive aviation consultants because of the very senior team and because of the exceptional reference clients and reputation in the market of the company and its team members. The team assigned to work with us immediately showed their extensive experience in real world airline management, thus separating themselves from others in the market. They worked fast, effectively, and professionally. They have been honest from the first email contact and have helped us to make the right decisions and avoid pitfalls, which seem obvious to them, but which we would have clearly stepped into. We are extremely happy with the experience they brought to strengthen our airline start-up and their professionalism throughout. It is clear they put our needs first and have surely saved us millions of dollars in mistakes we would have otherwise made.” Founder, start-up airline.

On behalf of Aviado Partners, “we were extremely honoured that this client placed their trust in us, recognising the extensive, practical and hands-on expertise Aviado Partners airline consultants bring to the table.”

About Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH

Aviado Partners Advisory Services GmbH is a specialist management consulting firm providing objective, independent and evidence-based analysis, advice and implementation support to airlines, airports, rail operators, hotels and other transportation related companies around the world. The firm advises management, boards, investors, governments, leasing companies and other stakeholders across all the key commercial and strategy issues. Aviado Partners' team members and associates have worked with leading international full service and low cost airlines, global consulting firms, financial institutions and manufacturers both as members of senior management as well as an airline consultant. The Partners and Associates have led or had significant involvement in numerous merger, acquisition, restructuring, start-up, aircraft selection and performance improvement assignments in Asia, the United States, Canada, South America, Russia & the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

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