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24 Sept 2012

Aviado Partners presents at the 3rd Annual Airline Business Alliances, Partnerships & Joint Ventures Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH delivered a feature presentation at this event. Aviado Partners' Managing Partner Shakeel Adam a detailed review on the current state of the alliance landscape, the movers and shakers, moving battle lines and forecasts of what's to come.

The main theme of Shakeel's presentation was to evaluate the evolving approach to partnerships, specifically focusing on the shift from 'one size fits all' to 'different horses for different courses.'

Specific items covered in this session also included:
- Examining the continued evolution of partner models. From alliances to joint ventures vs. wider multi-lateral partnerships
- Choosing the right strategy for your airline (alliances, bilaterals or multilaterals)
Case study: reviewing the partner assessment approach to quantify the real tangible network benefits from partnering with individual airlines vs. a group
- Preparing your airline to realise the benefits of their chosen strategy: moving from 'implementation mode' to 'execution mode'
- Exploring frequently asked questions: Can small, medium or large carriers continue to be independant? What are the implications for large airlines that are left out of the JVs? What circumstances should cause an airline to consider exiting or switching alliances?
- Considering what role the Gulf carriers will play in the global landscape of partnerships

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About Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH

Aviado-Partners Consulting GmbH is a specialist management consulting firm providing objective, independent and evidence-based analysis, advice and implementation support to airlines, airports, rail operators, hotels and other transportation related companies around the world. The firm advises management, boards, investors, governments, leasing companies and other stakeholders across all the key commercial and strategy issues. Aviado Partners' team members and associates have worked with leading international full service and low cost airlines, global consulting firms, financial institutions and manufacturers. The Partners and Associates have led or had significant involvement in numerous merger, acquisition, restructuring, start-up, aircraft selection and performance improvement assignments in Asia, the United States, Canada, South America, Russia & the CIS, Africa and the Middle East.

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About the Client

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