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Stephen Mallett BA (York), PMD (Harvard)
Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants

Executive Associate, Finance and Governance expert

M UK: ++44 7789 740313

Based near London, England Stephen is a highly experienced airline executive with more than 33 years in the industry. With a strong foundation in financial management, he has a particular focus on business structure, organization and management processes, reporting and governance.


Stephen has held a number of senior appointments at British Airways, was Deputy President at Royal Jordanian and Deputy CEO (Commercial) of NAS in Saudi Arabia where he led a complex aviation business including an all-business shorthaul airline, an executive jet business (NetJets Middle East) and established the first LCC in Saudi Arabia. Stephen has also been on the Board of Directors of numerous airlines in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


Notable accomplishments include leading the development of the prospectus and the overall planning for the privatization of British Airways, establishing and developing numerous airlines including full service scheduled, regional, LCC, charter and executive, and leading the acquisition of more than 400 aircraft.


Stephen has extensive operations experience as General Manager Operations Planning at British Airways where he was responsible for the operating plan, the efficient utilisation of the aircraft and the management and control of the worldwide portfolio of slots.

Besides his role as an airline interim manager and airline consultant, Stephen also sits and chairs on numerous boards of financial companies.


English - Fluent


Airline Start-up

Airline Restructuring

Organizational design
Change management
Corporate strategy
Leadership coaching
Corporate governance

  • Airline Start-up
  • Airline Restructuring

  • Privatisation/IPO

  • Organization and management structures

  • Business analysis and ongoing reports aligned with corporate objective

  • Business Planning

  • Design of effective management reporting

  • Change and restructuring programmes

  • Corporate governance

  • Robust business planning processes and outputs

  • Aircraft acquisitions including lease contracts

  • Alliance and franchise activities

  • Culture change and development

  • Subsidiary and associates management

Recent Assignments
  • Analysis and feasibility evaluation of business case for start-up of FastJet in Ghana
  • Organization assessment and management audit for fastest growing airline in Africa
  • Organisation redesign, creation of remuneration policy, establishment of performance management system for national airline
  • Established Nasair Saudi Arabia as the first low cost airline in the market
  • Chairman of slot scheduling committee at Gatwick Airport
  • Vice Chairman of slot scheduling committee at Heathrow Airport
  • Member of the IATA slot co-ordination committee
  • Initiated the entry into oneworld for Royal Jordanian
  • Led the development of the prospectus and the overall planning for the privatisation of British Airways
  • Responsible for Alliance and franchise analysis and reporting at British airways
  • Established DeutscheBA in Germany
  • Established Caledonian Airways
  • Created and developed the restructuring of Royal Jordanian Airlines
  • Has led acquisition of more than 400 airplanes
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