Learning from the past: Lessons for big airlines

Having crossed paths in an airport lounge with a senior manager from one of Europe's largest airlines, it was strikingly clear that in this industry we have short memories or we need to be better at learning from the experiences of others. And perhaps, that my generation of executives who are now in leadership roles haven't learned enough from our predecessors. In this lengthy conversation it seemed clear that this manager credits the success of airlines in the United States purely on the benefit of being able to exploit Chapter 11 and ignores other key strategies and capabilities which the airlines have developed. This manager seemed to suggest that the leadership at his airline (Major EU a

The sun is shining, but the dominos are falling as airlines begin to collapse

As we hit mid-November, a crisp wintery air is sweeping across Europe, bringing with it a feeling of freshness and clearing the hustle and bustle of summer. But as the fresh, clean and crisp air of winter rolls into Europe, another reality also sets in - not every airline will make it through a cold winter. We say farewell to Estonian Air and Intersky this month and we expect another handful wont make it to next summer. Airlines finally begin to enjoy the benefits of lower fuel prices. Those which weren't hedged heavily have had an advantage over others for about a year. But many airlines tended to have the majority of their fuel hedged meaning that they did not benefit from these fuel price

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